Traditional Thai Massage Courses

During this course that Sanuk has designed especially for you, you will learn an ancient practice that represents an extraordinary source of health. This therapy is being increasingly recognized as complementary to Western culture and medicine.

Traditional Thai massage works to rebalance energy blockages that affect the proper functioning of the body. 


Traditional Thai Massage is a combination of deep stretching and rhytmic body pressing technique. Its a compete workout which helps to relieve muscles tension. It also promotes recovery of vital energy harmonizing the complete metabolic sistem.

Most important Thai Massage Benefits are:

• Increase of movement and flexibility, stenghtening joints and promoting the proper posture.

• Improvement of blood and lymph circulation; it has draning efects.

• It helps to relax and decrease stress and anxiety. It is highly recomended in cases of insomnia.

• Boosts energy and improve the self consciousness.


The course is recommended both for people who wish to start in the world of well-being by personal concern, and for people seeking to expand their professional training in a booming sector.



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