Reiki is a holistic healing technique, aimed to harmonize and release energy (ki) at different levels of the human being: physical, mental, emotional and energetic.

Reiki is a spiritual practice created by the Japanese Buddhist, Mikao Usui and adapted and developed by a number of teachers of different traditions. Mikao Usui practiced the Kiko (the Japanese version of Thai Chi) which is based on the movement of energy. Mikao Usui founded that some  Kiko students could heal others using theirs hands as a channel of energy, by receiving it and passing it to others. Following this intuition in 1922 he founded the "Usui Society for healing through Reiki", and since then this technique spread all over the world.

Today there are different methodology of Reiki teaching, even the base is still the idea that the Universal Energy is the source of life; acting in depth by discovering the physical or emotional problem which generates a block of Ki, and allowing the emotion or the pattern of behavior that generate this imbalance, It is possible to achieve the healing.

Reiki therapist is therefore positioned as a channel that receives this Energy and passes it to the patient in order to overcome these blocks, restore the flow of energy and harmony of the body and the mind.

In Sanuk on 12th and 13th of  September we will count with Laura Gabarro to impart a REIKI course (level I).

The course has a duration of 16 hours and it costs 150 euros. Bookings before 6th of September will receive a 10% discount.