Sanuk yacht service

<p>The marine environment offers the best condition to enjoy the Thai massage, in absolute harmony and calm. When the meeting takes place on the deck of a boat, lying on a comfortable futón, rocked by the gentle swell and wrapped in the soft breeze of the sea, all pleasant stimulations increase.</p><p>The traditional Thai massage, consist in a sequence of pressure and stretching applied on all over the patient body; the patient dressed in an outfit comfortable, laying on the "futon", receives a treatment which is both therapeutic and relaxing. Benefits of Thai massage are well known both in the physical level with decontracting and draining effects, and on the mental one, to convey a deep relaxation.</p><p>The accredited Sanuk Mallorca masseurs, trained both in Thailand under the supervision of the best teachers in the thai tradition, and in the Western natural therapies, adapted treatment to the specific case of the person who receives it.</p><p>Sanuk provides everything you need for the session of Thai massage on Board of the boat: futons, clothing for the patient, as well as all the essential elements that are used in the treatment, as hand made creams and oils.</p><p>The beautiful nature of Mallorca provides the breeze of the sea and the cadence of waves, in order to guarantee a special indulgent experience.</p>