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  • What is known today as Traditional Thai Massage or Thai Yoga was born more than two thousand years ago in Thailand. Heir of Chinese medicine, ayurveda and yoga, it has proven to be a beneficial method that relieves stress, relaxes and invigorates muscles, provides energy and serenity of mind.

    According to Thai tradition, healing resides in the belief that all forms of life are based on a vital force (LOM) which is transported along invisible lines (sen) passing through the body. Following this theory, traditional Thai massage seeks to free energy blockages by stimulating the natural flow of the vital force in order to maintain a general balance.


    SANUK Traditional Thai Massage Training is aimed at people who would like to initiate into this massage, as well as to those who would like to complete their knowledge and specialise as Thai Massage Therapists.



  • Few life experiences attain the instant soothing effect massage oils provide.

    The patient feels on their skin and through smell the sensations provided by the application of the oil on their body. The benefits are felt on an emotional level, reducing anxiety and stress; on the mental plane,by a sense of calm and peace; and in the body, relieving headaches and moisturizing and nourishing the skin.

    The oils that we use are natural, combined with essential oils. When applied to the patient, they improve circulation, warm the body and smooth and shine the skin. The aroma of the oil is an added value to the massage, creating a relaxing and healing atmosphere.

  • This autentic Thai Ritual combines two of the most emblematic massages in Thailand: Thai Foot Massage and Traditional Thai Massage.

    The session begins with the Thai Foot Massage which stimulates foot reflex points in order to activate the body organs reflected and to encourage the free flow of energy.

  • Japanese facial massage was reserved, throughout centuries, for the imperial family and royals due to its sophistication, delicacy and amazing rejuvenating effect. Ko means ancient, bi means beauty and do means path. Kobido is literally, the ancient path of beauty. It is an exceptional complementary tool for any therapist as it consists of a blend of combination of concepts in Traditional Medicine and Japanese massage techniques that have been refined and developed over the last 500 years.

  • The mixed massage provides, in just one session, the benefits of Thai massage and an instant relaxing effect that massage oils have.
    After the application of digital pressure and stretching of Thai massage, floral aromatic oils are used. The patient receives receive their effect through the skin and sense of smell.

    The effects are felt on several levels: On an emotional level, reducing stress and anxiety; in the body, relieving headaches, hydrating and nourishing the skin;and finally on the mental plane, instantly providing a feeling of serenity and peace.

  • Dry Sanuk is among the most complete treatments of our Center, bringing together three of the massages we offer in the center:  Thai Foot Massage, Traditional Thai Massage and Kobi-do  to provide two hours of deep relaxation.

    The session begins with the Thai Foot Massage which stimulates foot reflex points in order to activate the body organs reflected and to encourage the free flow of energy.

  • The Sanuk massage is the most complete of our treatments, bringing together three of the massages we offer in the center: Reflexology, massage oils and Kobido.

  • The feet are a very sensitive part of the human body, to such an extent that on the surface the ailments that are felt in other parts of the body manifest themselves in the feet..
    The manual massage of the reflex areas of the feet can balance the functions of vital organs. Reflexology experts know sensitive areas and, therefore, are able to detect the signs of organ dysfunction treating each case specifically.
    For that reason, foot reflexology is not only a pleasant and relaxing massage, it is an effective way to stimulate blood circulation, relieve muscle spasms, improve sleep quality, eliminate toxins and treat illnesses.

  • Japanese facial massage is a profound combination of traditional Japanese concepts of medicine and massage techniques that have been developed and modified from Anma (traditional Japanese massage) over the last five hundred years.
    These therapeutic techniques stimulate the facial nerves reaching the skin cells, which benefit and increase blood circulation, delivering nutrients and eliminating toxins, impurities and dead skin cells.
    This massage is the most effective natural treatment for improving skin condition of the face and neck and to minimize the aging process.